An urban soundscape that attempts to reveal the marvellous within the everyday. This piece was made from a series of field recordings gathered in Paris on two separate occasions. The overall effect is of an audio journal or travelogue without narration. In the hustle and bustle of a busy metropolis we rarely have time to focus on the sounds that surround us. There were many interesting and unusual sounds amongst these recordings, many of which only became apparent on playback. The recurrence of music or musical phrases produces a cinematic quality, something deliberately exaggerated by the edits and the division of the piece into different 'scenes.'

Hubbub was first broadcast on Resonance FM in 2004 and was selected for 'Drift' a festival of sound and radio art in Glasgow in 2003. Limited edition CD (mere 011).

Audio Clip: Hubbub (excerpt)

Duration: 1:05:27

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