Jason Lescalleet show at the Rum Shack

Jason Lescalleet with support from Mark Vernon + DJ’s
Sunday November 6th
Doors 8.30 pm, £5 entry

A rare opportunity to see master of tape composition Jason Lescalleet in Scotland. Not to be missed! We’ve even had commemorative plates made – it’s going to be that special.

Dead Air Spaces at Radio Revolten

Dead Air Spaces – a new live radio performance for Radio Revolten’s EBU Tuesday

Tuesday, 25th October, 8pm (7pm GMT) – Free

Radio Revolten Club
Rathausstraße 3
Halle (Saale), 06108 Deutschland

Listen live on the FM frequency 99.3 MHz in Halle, reaching further afield on the MW frequency 1575 kHz, and for the online livestream visit radiorevolten.net

Dead Air Spaces is a new radio work that explores one of the most basic but vital of our bodily functions – breathing. It includes interviews with diving instructors, a singer, an organist and a yoga teacher and recordings of breathing exercises, snoring, pneumatic tube systems, purring cats, suction units and scuba-divers along with mechanical processes analogous to the human respiratory system such as church organs, bellows and hospital ventilators. The piece also incorporates the use of bi-nasal microphones, a balloon repurposed as an artificial lung and variety of pipes, tubes, whistles and other apparatus played live.

A ‘dead air space’ in diving terminology, refers to air that doesn’t play a part in the gas exchange with the lungs; air left over in the snorkel, regulator or even the throat containing greater levels of carbon dioxide.

More details on this event here.

‘Lend an ear, leave a word’ – New LP on Kye out now


Mark Vernon – Lend An Ear, Leave A Word (Kye records – Kye 44)
Audio Archaeology series Vol.1: Lisbon

Available from: Kye (U.S.), Penultimate Press (UK), Infinite Limits (UK).

The pieces composed for this album combine field recordings of contemporary Lisbon with found tape recordings from the past; reel-to-reel tapes, micro-cassettes and Dictaphones collected from the Feira de Ladra market, a popular and lively flea market in the Alfama district.

Each tape recording is an audio snapshot of a specific time; a family album in sound, a musical performance, a compilation of treasured music or even just the fun of playing around with a tape recorder captured for posterity. Every thoughtless edit or push of the record button teleports us to a different time and place. The musical material extracted from the tapes is also an evocative signifier that locates it within a specific era. All of the pieces that make up the album explore one particular environment – the city of Lisbon. Field recordings by their very nature are time-based but the introduction of found tapes into the mix expands the timescale of these studies from just the short period spent in the city making recordings, backwards to possibly forty or more years in the past. It is a portrait in time and place, an archaeology of sound. The result of the audio flotsam and jetsam washed up on the shores of low commerce in the flea markets of Lisbon.

Artwork: A Sense of Someplace / www.asenseofsomeplace.org

‘Lend an ear, leave a word’ arrives in a full color matte stock sleeve with insert and download card that features additional pieces left off the record due to time constraints of the LP format.

Mastered by Jason Lescalleet in an edition of 400.

‘Exposure Glasgow’ at Glad Cafe and on BBC Radio 3


BBC Radio 3 presents Exposure Glasgow with Verity Sharp.
The Glad Cafe, Glasgow, Friday 23 September, 8pm (doors at 7.30)

Verity Sharp hosts a night of live performances showcasing local new music, with performances from:

Nichola Scrutton
Mark Vernon
Daniel Padden & the Low Ensemble

Free tickets available from bbc.co.uk/showsandtours/shows/

You can hear the full programme on BBC Radio 3 at 11pm on Thursday, 29th September. Listen on 90.2 – 92.4 FM in the UK or on BBC Radio 3 online here.

The programme will also be archived on the Radio 3 site for 28 days here.

Glasgow Soundscapes: Place, Space and Memory…

A double dose of radio news:

Nichola Scrutton has curated an online radio programme of Glasgow soundscapes for WebSYNradio in France. The programme plays on repeat 24-hours a day for the duration of the broadcast and includes one of the very first soundscape pieces I ever made ‘Non-Members Night Out’. You can tune in between 16th – 30th June here:  http://synradio.fr/
A special redux version of Wave Farm’s Climactic Climate series for Kunstradio was aired on Deutschlandradio Kultur last week. The programme includes excerpts from ‘Domestic Weather’ – a programme I made with members of the West of Scotland Amateur Radio Association. The programme is archived for online listening or download here

Mondo Vernon & Burns – Thursday 14th April

Mondo V & B 1Thursday, 14th April from 8pm. Tickets £7 available in advance or on the door.

The Old Hairdressers, Renfield Lane, Glasgow

Mondo Vernon & Burns – A history of Mondo films viewed through the distorting lens of Vernon & Burns: a queasy combination of visual savagery with audio sweetness. A special one-off screening event as part of the Old Hairdressers Fantom Cinema. The film was edited by Vilte Vaitkute and features a narrated essay by Anna McLauchlan.

“A film so debased should not only be restricted to people over 18 years of age, it should also be rejected by anyone with a modicum of self-respect and by all nations that refuse contaminated and rotten merchandise. – review of Mondo Cane by the Catholic Film Office of France

“I fear you will never persuade the Americans to like Jacopetti – they hate moral ambiguity and their black and white Protestantism clashes head on into the catholic relativism built into every frame of the Mondo Cane films.” – JG Ballard

“A catalogue of horrors…..a hymn to death and mutilation, embellished with a shrug and a giggle.” – Monthly Film Bulletin

Plus Joe Howe will present ‘Era Burp Mesh / Rumba Sphere / Re: Bum Phrase / Mr Rebus Heap’, which is an algorythmically sequenced re-edit of Kon Ichikawa’s 1956 anti-war film, The Burmese Harp made using Max MSP – and the human-machine music of Anneke Kampman.

Advance tickets available here: http://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/2526484



Resonance Extra Residency – Friday 18th December

Resoanace Extra logoFor a special 6-hour long Resonance Extra Residency I have raided the radio archives of my hard drives to put together a selection of works old and new. There are some seasonal pieces as well as some things that had been gathering dust that I thought needed to see the light of day again. Works include: Christmas Rewind, Audiology for Beginners, The Vernon & Burns Hour, The Tonic Garden, plus more.

Broadcast: Friday, 18th December, 6pm – midnight.

Listen on DAB in the Brighton area or listen online here: https://extra.resonance.fm/

Resonance Extra is a pioneering new digital radio platform launched in December 2015, available on DAB to listeners in Central Brighton and online to the rest of the world. Dedicated foremost to the global artistic community and with a focus on long–form international music programming and sonic experimentation, Resonance Extra exists to mobilise diverse and emergent communities of sound artists, musicians, broadcasters, academics and expert curators.

Making Conversations



I will be appearing as a guest on Resonance FM’s Making Conversations show on Tuesday, 13th October at 4pm.

“Through this radio series Professor Andrew Prescott of the University of Glasgow and writer and curator Bronac Ferran explore with leading artists, makers, scholars and craftsmen how digital methods are transforming the intersection between making, materiality and practice in different media and art forms. Sound is increasingly emerging as a material for use by makers. How does sound compare to the other media in which artists and makers work? In this conversation, Professor Andrew Prescott explores these issues with the sound artist and radio producer Mark Vernon”.

The series is supported by the Arts and Humanities Research Council ‘Digital Transformations’ theme.

Circular Thinking at the Workington Hub


Circular Thinking, a new quadraphonic soundwork by Jenn Mattinson and Mark Vernon will be presented on Workington’s outdoor ambisonic surround sound system The Hub this Saturday, 10th October from 1-3 pm.

Over the past year Jenn and Mark have collected interviews and field recordings pertaining to all manner of circular processes, circuits, loops and rotating things throughout the region of Cumbria. The material used in the composition of the piece includes recordings of a potters wheel, a launderette, wind turbines, speedway races, a water mill, bicycle wheels, a clock restorer’s workshop and a tour of the Cranston’s sausage factory where they make the famous spiralled Cumberland ring sausages.

Circular Thinking was commissioned by the Octopus Collective.

Jewel of the Ear with Torsten Lauschmann and Vernon & Burns

12042856_835385133242460_6121877154692300247_nFriday 9th October, 8.00pm.

The Old Hairdressers, Renfield Lane.

As part of a night featuring music by Jewel of the Ear and Torsten Lauschmann, Vernon & Burns  present a live musical with dead dummies that delves into the seedy underworld of East End gangsters in Vernon & Burns meet The Kray Twins.

For more details see here