Radio Broadcasts

Saturnine Orbit – A series of radio shorts and a live radiophonic performance commissioned by Xing for Art City Bologna, 2024 – NEU Radio, Bologna, Italy, On Site On Air, Den Haag, The Netherlands.

Manja Ristić & Mark Vernon – Sound Postcards from the Centre of the Periphery – Radio Belgrade, Radio Korčula, Cashmere Radio 88.4 FM, Berlin, Resonance 104.4 FM plus special broadcast edition for Framework:Afield.
Magneto Mori: Brussels – Commissioned by Kunstradio for ORF Ö1 92.0FM, Austria, Framework:Afield, Radiophrenia.

Leonie Roessler & Mark Vernon – Light Cloud and a Moderate Disease – Radiophrenia, Glasgow, 87.9FM.
A World Behind This World – special broadcast edition for Framework:Afield.
Keeping Time – 22-hour long radio work commissioned for Radio Art Zone, Esch, Luxembourg, Radio ARA, 87.8FM.
Power Dynamics – Radiophrenia, Glasgow, 87.9FM.

Sheet Erosion : Audio Archaeology series volume 3 
– Commissioned by Kunstradio for ORF Ö1 92.0FM, Austria.
Ribbons of Rust: Audio Archaeology series volume 2 
– special broadcast edition for Framework:Afield.
Lend an ear, Leave a word: Audio Archaeology series volume 1 
– special broadcast edition for Framework:Afield.
Clyde Built Radio Show – Calling Cards Publishing Special with Mark Vernon.

Call Back Carousel: Voyages en Grèce – Commissioned by Radio Picnic for the series Muisca per la Radio. Broadcast on Freie Radio Berlin, 88.4 Mhz, Radiophrenia, Resonance Extra.
The Dominion of Din – Radiophrenia + special broadcast edition for Framework:Afield
Magneto Mori: Kilfinane
– Radiophrenia, Resonance Extra, Radia FM.
Choses Contraires – with Elen Huynh, LYL Radio, Lyon and Paris, France.
Un-augmented Humans (Guest) – radio documentary / interview dedicated to my practice and sound works produced by Renato Grieco, broadcast on Fango Radio.
Radio Loos – Glasgow Connections (Guest) – documentary show focussed on Glasgow based radio artists featuring interviews and original sound works produced by Leonie Roessler.

– Two-week artist run radio station broadcasting on 87.9FM and online, Glasgow.
Magneto Mori: Vienna – Commissioned by Kunstradio for ORF Ö1 92.0FM, Austria. Also broadcast on Wave Farm WGXC, USA, Resonance 104.4FM, London, Deutschlandfunk Kultur and Radiophrenia 87.9FM, Glasgow.
Elsewhere is a Negative Mirror – Produced for Ears Have Ears on FBI radio 94.5FM, Sydney, Australia.

Live to Air set
– Radio UACh 90.1 FM, Valdivia, Chile.
Live to Air set – Radio Valentín Letelier 97.3FM, Valparaíso, Chile.

– Two-week artist run radio station broadcasting on 87.9FM and online, Glasgow.
St Columb Major – broadcast worldwide on shortwave on 6855 khz via WRMI, and on Wave Farm’s WGXC 90.7-FM as part of Short Waves / Long Distance.
Deep Sleep Trawler – a re-worked version aired on Radio Cona, Slovenia.

Circular Thinking
– w/ Jenn Mattinson. Broadcast on Radio Revolten, Halle and Radiophrenia, Glasgow. Joint winner of The Phonurgia Nova Award’s Radio Art category.
Dead Air Spaces
a  radio work  that explores one of the most basic but vital of our bodily functions – breathing. Performed live to air as part of Radio Revolten, Radio Art Festival, Halle, Germany.
Exposure Glasgow
-3 new works recorded live at the Glad Café for broadcast on BBC Radio 3’s ‘Exposure Glasgow’ series.
– Two-week artist run radio station broadcasting on 87.9FM and online, Glasgow.
Climactic Climate
– Deutschlandradio Kultur, Germany.
Non-Members Night Out
– as part of ‘Glasgow Soundscapes’ curated by Nichola Scrutton, Websynradio.

Domestic Weather
– broadcast on ORF1 Kunstradio, Austria, Wave Farm WGXC, USA, Resonance 104.4FM and Radiophrenia, Glasgow.
Radiophrenia – week-long artist run radio station broadcasting on 87.9FM and online, Glasgow.
Resonance Extra Residency – Mark Vernon – Resonance Extra, Brighton.
Making Conversations (Guest), Resonance 104.4FM
The Vernon & Burns Hour – Resonance 104.4FM, London, Resonance Extra, Brighton.

Audiology for Beginners
– broadcast on Wave Farm WGXC, USA, Resonance FM, Resonance Extra and Radiophrenia.
The Sound of Lochaber (6-part series) – for London Fieldwork’s ‘Remote Performances’ – broadcast on Resonance 104.4FM, Radiophrenia and in a condensed version on Framework:Afield.
Things That Were Missed In the Clamour for Calm – Sri Lankan soundscape project broadcast on Framework: Afield and Resonance 104.4FM
The Children of Toasted Cheese – by Vernon & Burns, broadcast on Basic FM and Resonance 104.4FM.

Derry Denatured
– a radio work examining the soundscape of Derry through field recordings and interviews. Commissioned and broadcast by Resonance 104.4FM as part of Derry City of Culture 2013.
The Tonic Garden: a sonic survey of soothing sounds – from the Bedside Radio series broadcast on Channel 604, Soundart Radio, Basic FM, Framework, Radio Cona and Resonance 104.4FM.
Forth Valley Royal Hospital: a portrait in sound – from the Bedside Radio series broadcast on Channel 604, Basic FM, Framework and Resonance 104.4FM.
Deep Sleep Trawler – from the Bedside Radio series broadcast on Channel 604, Resonance FM and Soundart radio.

Christmas Rewind
– A collage of festive found tapes and field recordings broadcast on Resonance FM.
Nowhere Island Radio 107.9FM – various documentaries and features created for 6-day broadcast, Plymouth.
130 in 1 (more adventures with electronic circuits) – Sound Bank commission for In the Dark Radio – also broadcast on Soundart Radio, Resonance FM, Radio Campus Paris, Radia and BASIC fm.

Test Signal
(commissioned by Pixel Palace), Newcastle upon Tyne, subsequent broadcasts on Resonance 104.4FM.
The Sound House, Clear spot, Resonance 104.4FM.
Static Cinema, Framework: Afield, Resonance 104.4FM.
A Trip Down The Clyde, Sunny Govan Radio 103.5FM.
Lifting the Fog / Freesound – week-long FM radio station broadcasting across Plymouth as part of the British Art Show.
Efford FM – day-long community radio webcast.

Precipitation Studies Vol. 1: Surfaces
– Framework radio show, Resonance 104.4FM.
Efford 107.9FM – day long community radio broadcast including documentaries, radio plays and programmes created specifically for the station.
The Silver Smokescreen – a radio play by Vernon & Burns commissioned by WORM. Broadcast on Café Sonore, VPRO 6, Holland & Resonance 104.4FM.

Les Forteresses du Ciel (un hommage)
– Live collective improvisation recorded at CKUT studios and broadcast across the RADIA network.
Histoires Contaminées – broadcast on CKUT 90.3FM, Montreal.
The Eldritch Transmissions – a radio play by Vernon & Burns on VPRO, Resonance FM & SAN Expo.
Easy Sonic Listening – Invited guest on ESL show, CKUT, Montreal – interview and excerpts of audio works.
The Leicester Tape Cub – 4-part series aired on Resonance FM, the RADIA network, Sonic Arts Network’s Expo 2008, Radio Reverb, Brighton and on NE1 during the AV festival, Newcastle-upon-Tyne.

Dwars VPRO 6
– an hour-long special on Vernon & Burns featuring interviews & exclusive new works.
Dirigible Delusions – produced for Sleep Radio, Estonia.
Join our Club – produced for Art Radio, the Cornerhouse Gallery, Manchester.

– 1-day hair-themed broadcast and RSL station, CCA, Glasgow, plus highlights show on Resonance FM – also featured on Mixing It, BBC Radio 3.
Notes on a re-run – broadcast on Resonance FM, Radio Panik and ASCR’s Radiophonic Festival, Brussels 2007.
Various short radio works broadcast on 209 Radio, Cambridge.

Evelyn’s Request
– radio commission for New Media Scotland’s Drift Festival of Radio Art, broadcast on Resonance FM and Radio Cona.

Channelling A Whisper
– Commissioned radio works for ‘Radio 101’, Bedford.
Aviemore No More – featured on ‘Framework’ show, Resonance FM, London.
The Derby Tape Recording Club – half-hour programme commissioned for broadcast on BBC Radio 4.
Involuntary Auditions for Imaginary Ensembles – Clear Spot, Resonance FM, London.
Self Help Self Harm – broadcast on Reboot FM, Berlin, Germany (with live webstream).
Hubbub – Parisian soundscape project streamed as part of New Media Scotland’s Drift festival and the Clear Spot on Resonance FM.

Non Members Night Out
– short radio work featured on Friespiel 2003, Deutschland Radio, Berlin.
Selected radio works broadcast on Juniata – Berlin (with live web stream).
Vestiarium Scoticum with Zoë Irvine – broadcast on Resonance FM, London.

The Derby Tape Club Archive
– 6-part series on Resonance FM, London.
Various short radio works broadcast on Black Box Recorder FM, Belfast.
Tape Recording Clubs – broadcast for New Media Scotland’s ‘Near and Far’ Digital Weekend – Sofia, Bulgaria.

Radio Tuesday
Bolt FM radio residency – setting up of station and ten-day live broadcast in North Glasgow.

Radio Tuesday
e.g. sometime instant – a series of unofficial FM broadcasts and live radio events from the Transmission Gallery, Glasgow.
Radio Tuesday Can 303’s Heal? – a series of FM broadcasts featuring sound work by Finnish & Scottish artists, Kiasma Mueum, Helsinki.

Radio Tuesday
Wide General Vicinity – a series of unofficial FM broadcasts in Glasgow throughout July (with live webstream).