Hassle Hound

Formed in Glasgow in 2000, Hassle Hound started out as a four-piece group producing melodic, experimental pop with live instrumentation over a base of loops and sampled material. All four members appear on their first two releases, Scaring the Grass in the Garden and a split 12” on the Textile label. Following David Fulford’s departure from the group in 2005 they moved towards more song-based forms with Ela Orlean’s fragile yet haunting vocals coming increasingly to the fore on the album’s Limelight Cordial and Born in a Night. Hassle Hound’s output although playful and off-kilter was often tinged with melancholy; charmingly odd, at times whimsical, but never twee. Over a 10-year period, the group played live regularly in venue’s across the UK, Germany, France, The Netherlands and Poland alongside acts including; Melt Banana, Tape, Volcano the Bear, Vibracathedral Orchestra, Scatter and Cyann & Ben. After the release of Born in a Night in 2010 other commitments took over and with all three members giving increasing priority to their solo projects, Hassle Hound effectively disbanded.

Hassle Hound were:

Ela Orleans (vocals, violin, guitar, keyboards, toy instruments)
Tony Swain (guitar, bass, samples, keyboards)
Mark Vernon (samples, loops, glockenspiel, keyboards, field recordings, whistles, balloons)
David Fulford (computer, Fender Rhodes, samples, loops)


Live performances