Solo Live Performances

19th November – Full of Noises, Piel View House, Barrow-in-Furness.
5th September – Sonically Depicting, The Waverley, Edinburgh (with Banana).
3rd May – Vice de Forme #11 – Les Instants Chavirés, Montreuil, France (with Lorenzo Abbatoir & Carbon Sink).
29th April – Oscillation festival, Brussels, Belgium.
27th March – Calling Cards Publishing night, The Old Hairdressers, Glasgow (with Adam Matschulat).
24th February – Call Back Carousel, SONOHR festival, Kino Rex, Bern, Switzerland.

23rd November – Glasgow Electronic and Audiovisual Media Festival, University of Glasgow concert hall.
19th – 22nd October – LUFF Festival, Lauserne, Switzerland.
10th September – Futura Resistenza Festival, Roodkapje, Rotterdam.
9th September – Barboncino, Hamburg.
8th September – Arkaoda, Berlin.
18th August – Cafe Central, Brussels, Belgium (with Nika Son and Yves De May)
23rd July – Multi-channel performance, Persistence of Sound night, IKLECTIK, London (with Natasha Barrett)
25th June – The Old Hairdressers, Glasgow (with Cucina Povera and Otherworld)
11th June – Magneto Mori: Vienna, Radiophonie festival, Toulouse, France.
23rd April – The Old Hairdressers, Glasgow (with Nika Son and Ollie Pitt & Barry Burns duo)
22nd January – ‘Tape Letters from the Waiting Room’ album launch at IKLECTIK, London.

15th October – Mark Vernon / Manja Ristić duo, Art Radionica Lazareti, Dubrovnik.
28th August – Mark Vernon / Laura Phillips duo, Bristol Exchange (with Agatha Max)
27th August – Mark Vernon / Laura Phillips duo ‘Public & Domestic Plumbing & Sanitation’ album launch, Cafe Oto, London (with John Macedo)
1st – 4th July – Magneto Mori: Vienna, Sound Parcour, Sonic Territories festival, Vienna.

1st March – Paper Gestures – 8-channel diffusion, Cafe Oto, London (with Kate Carr and Tom White)
25th January – Sonomama Sessions, CCA Glasgow – improvisation with Mark Vernon, Ronan Whittern, Angus Macdonald and Cyril Lamar.
19th January – Mark Vernon / Elina Bry duo – Prelude: Opera of the Body, Gallery Celine, Glasgow.

27th November – Laura Phillips / mark Vernon duo – Domestic Sound Cupboard, The Crofters Arms, Bristol.
23rd November – Kwak Club, Cube Cinema, Bristol (with Graham Lambkin)
27th October – Sonikas Festival, Madrid, Spain (with Elodie)
29th September – Mark Vernon & Daniel Padden – Deep Listening, multi-channel live soundscape plus gong bath, Tramway, Glasgow.
17th August – Delaware Road festival, Salisbury Plain, England.
27th May – The Old Hairdressers, Glasgow (with Conspirators of Pleasure and Awott)

1st November – ‘Un-Tape Me’, Echoraum, Vienna (with Jerôme Noetinger)
27th October – Espacio Kulczewski, Santiago.
26th October – Radio Valentín Letelier, Valparaíso.
23rd October – Ciclo Relincha, Espacio En Construcción, Valdivia.
20th October – Soundtiago, primer festival cuerpo, sonido y espacio, Santiago.
20th September – The Old Hairdressers, Glasgow (with Ben Vince & Cucina Povera).
15th May – Glad Cafe, Glasgow (with Miki Yui).
5th & 6th May – 6 x Sound Sessions with Kim Moore, Ohad Fishof, Alicia Mathews and Barry Burns, Tectonics Festival, City Halls, Glasgow.
4th February – Vernon & Burns w/ Nichola Scrutton, Sonically Depicting, Glasgow (with Ingrid Plum & ShadowPlay).

20th September – The Glad Cafe, Glasgow (with Aleks Jurczyk).
20th July – Live Quadraphonic performance at Inter #10, Stereo, Glasgow (with Ela Orleans).
4th May – Glad Cafe, Glasgow (with Glorias Navales).
9th April – Counterflows Festival, Glasgow (with Ashley Paul & Rashad Becker duo).
31st March – Glad Cafe, Glasgow (with Helm).
12th March – Apologies in Advance #3, Iklectik Arts Lab, London (with Graham Dunning, Vicky Langan).
9th March – Cafe Oto, London (with Graham Lambkin & Ainye O’Dwyer).
31st January – Glasgow School of Art (with Cucina Povera).

6th November – The Rumshack, Glasgow (with Jason Lescalleet).
25th October – Dead Air Spaces, Radio Revolten Festival, Halle, Germany (with live radio broadcast).
23rd September – The Glad Cafe, Glasgow, for BBC Radio 3’s ‘Exposure Glasgow’ (with Nichola Scrutton and Daniel Padden).
10th October – Circular Thinking, quadraphonic piece with Jenn Mattinson played over the Workington Hub.
1st August – Circular Thinking, quadraphonic piece with Jenn Mattinson, Art Gene, Barrow-in-Furness as part of the Full of Noises Festival.

17th January – Hideous Porta, Apiary Studios, London (with Lucio Capece, VA AA LR, Ben Gwilliam and more).

31st May – live performance through the Exponential Horn, Science Museum, London (with live radio broadcast on Resonance FM).
26th February – Sounds of the Modern Hospital record Launch, Centre for Contemporary Arts, Glasgow.
22nd February – Sounds of the Modern Hospital record Launch, Forth Valley Royal Hospital, Larbert.
26th January – January blues Supper, The Old Hairdressers, Glasgow.

June 11th – A Sense of Some Place launch, Street Level Gallery, Glasgow.

30th November – Immediate Recall, The Mac Museum, Glasgow School of Art.
5th July – Chinoiserie with Neil Rose & Shaun Lewin, Plymouth College of Art.
28th April – The Old Hairdressers, Glasgow (with Okkyung Lee).

18th November – Christmas Rewind and Poulpe, Storey Gallery, Lancaster (with Octopus Collective).
17th March – Entr’acte label showcase, Milton Keynes Gallery (with Adam Asnan, Jacques Beloeil,
Theo Burt/Tim Wright).

12th December – Christmas Rewind at Barrow Park Bandstand, Barrow-in-Furness.
2nd May – Fowler, Vernon & Burns at Le Drapeau Noir, Glasgow as part of GI 2010.