The Interzone

The Interzone: Three Points of Contact Exhibition
Mackintosh Museum, Glasgow School of Art, 67 Renfrew Street Glasgow, G3 6RQ
3 Nov 2012 – 30 Nov 2012
Sat – Fri, 11:00 – 17:00

This exhibition is an introduction to the work of core artists taking part in the Three Points of Contact Artist Residency linking Glasgow, York and Cornwall: Stuart Gurden, Ann Haycock, Martha Jurksaitis, TAaP, Mark Vernon, von Calhau! and Megan Wellington.


Data for the Doubtful at Tramway

Vernon & Burns present:  
Data for the Doubtful Part 7: The Children of Toasted Cheese

Venue: Tramway
Date: Friday 12 October – Saturday 13 October, 7.30pm
Location: Tramway 1
Price: £10/ £7

A new radiophonic work commissioned by Tramway, Glasgow. A live soundscape constructed from interviews with a number of different people about their dreams and sleeping habits, readings from Burns’ longstanding dream diary and accompanying sound effects and music. The piece explores the internal space of the subconscious and the logic of dreams.

Part of a triple bill of performances also including Lisbeth Gruwez | Voetvolk and Zoe Irvine and Pippa Murphy.

Static Cinema review in this month’s Wire magazine

“Static Cinema, apparently Mark Vernon’s first solo CD,
is quite unlike the more citational, sample based work
he produces with Glaswegian Barry Burns in a duo known
as Vernon And Burns. Composed of in situ recordings of
everyday activity, as well as the clinking and shuffling
of various household items, this disc contains six leisurely
paced concrète collages. But where most artists would
denature the individual sounds with lightning-fast
cuts and juxtapositions, Vernon allows them to remain
recognisable, comfortable, even pedestrian. The drama
stays low-key, more concerned with capturing a sense
of space through quotidian gestures — an aural equiv-
alent of sunlit dust motes in an empty, creaky house.”

William Hutson in The Wire

The Invisible Picture Palace

An evening of found sound presented by Mark Vernon

The Invisible Picture Palace is London’s only record store selling stories and soundscapes instead of albums! Based in the grounds of the Wapping Project, this is a shop like no other – an invisible picture palace of stories held within invisible walls. We also do a nice cup of tea. Visitors can listen to and buy a huge range of recordings from across the last century of radio. But of course, this being an invisible picture palace, the objects are only a part of the story. For the adventurous souls who’ve had a listen to the CDs inside, there’s a world of  experimental audio collage, soundscapes and found sound  to be discovered in the work of Glasgow-based sound artist Mark Vernon. On the 26th July at 7.30pm Mark will join us to talk about his work and, in particular, the world of “Found Sound” – the discarded casettes and home recordings that can be found by anyone in junk shops, car boot sales (and, of course, the invisible picture palace).

Tickets: £4.00 or £5.00 on the door

Where: The Wapping Project Glasshouse

When: 26th July, 7.30pm

For more details see here

New programme on Framework:afield

Location recordings by East Midlands tape recording clubs (1959-1978)

Sunday, 15th July, 11pm, on Resonance 104.4fm

A new programme produced by Mark Vernon for framework:afield

A selection of vintage amateur field recordings from three East Midlands tape clubs: The Derby Tape Recording Club, The Leicester Tape Recording Club and The Nottingham Co-operative Tape Recording Club.

Many of these recordings were made in the days when recording on location entailed lugging a heavy and cumbersome full-size reel to reel recorder out and about with you. Outdoor recordings were often impractical but sometimes being part of a club – pooling resources and sharing knowledge, made things a little bit easier. The appearance of affordable portable battery recorders in the early 60’s granted tape enthusiasts unprecedented freedom as to what and where they could record – a freedom which most tape club members exploited to the full. Some of these recordings were made on organised outings as part of the tape club’s programme of activities; others were made independently by individual members. This selection represents just a fraction of the recordings contained within the archives. The variety and imagination displayed here is a testament to the pioneering spirit of a dedicated group of amateurs; our forebears in the pursuit of recorded sound.

Thanks to all former tape club members, in particular; Bill and Marjory Howard, Ernie Flecknoe, Brian Hayhoe, John & Lorna Buckler, John Moule, Bruce Goodwin, Dennis Blackmore and Patrick Everest.

Listen here

Also of interest – a recent post from the London Sound Survey features an excellent programme documenting the activities of the London Tape Recording Club

Chinoiserie performance, Thursday 5th July

A collaboration between Neil Rose , Mark Vernon and Shaun Lewin. Together they will create a  live sound and film performance in response to the theme of Chinoiserie in cinema, media and popular Western/Eastern culture.

Thursday 5 July, 5.30pm to 8.30pm
Live performance 7pm to 8pm
Plymouth College of Art
Free but please book in advance by calling 01752 203434

A live recording of the audio from this performance can be heard here

Launch of new radio commission

130 in 1, a new radio composition, will be premiered at a special event taking place on 2nd May 2012, from 7.30pm at the Sugarhouse, a soon to be demolished warehouse-come-temporary-cinema and the latest project from Assemble Studio. This is the launch of the second round of audio works to be created through In the Dark’s Sound Bank scheme.

The venue is walkable from Stratford or Bow Church stations


Sugarhouse Studios
Unit A2, 107 High Street
Stratford, E15 2QQ

If you would like to attend please email

All of the commissions including 130 in 1 are now available to listen to online here

Live performance at the Old Hairdressers

Mark Vernon will present a live radiophonic mix of voice, amplified objects and field recordings, supporting downtown New York Cellist, Okkyung Lee – also with Nackt Insecton and WFMU’s Brian Turner DJ’ing.

The Old Hairdressers, Opposite Stereo, Renfield Lane
Saturday, 28th April, 2012, 8pm.
Tickets available from

There will also be a free lecture by WFMU founder, Brian Turner on ‘Free Form Concepts and Independent Radio’ at 6pm.

See here for more details

Found Sound Bulletin # 1

A synchronized sound composition to be played simultaneously on audio-cassette tape and compact disc. The Found Sound Bulletin is an archive of lost voices, audio letters, home sing-alongs and phone conversations created especially for the Art Lending Library as part of Glasgow International Festival of Visual Art 2012. Found Sound Bulletin is now available for loan from the Mitchell Library, Glasgow.

Friday 20 April – Monday 7 May

Opening Times
Monday – Sunday 11am – 5pm
Tuesday and Thursday 11am – 8pm

Glasgow Room
The Mitchell Library,
North Street
G3 7DN

For more details see here

New CD out now on Entr’acte

Static Cinema Mark Vernon’s debut release for UK label Entr’acte.

Static Cinema is the result of a series of musical improvisations using household objects combined with both treated and un-treated field recordings made in Scotland, Germany and Norway between 2008 and 2010. An audio drama missing its lead actors, Static Cinema explores several evocative spaces with the roaming ear of the microphone – capturing and interrogating them for meaning. Dramatic perspective shifts equate to different scenes or cuts with long shots, close-ups, pans and zooms. The different recording locations function as spontaneous mise-en-scène waiting in suspense for an event yet to occur, or an actor still to make their entrance.

Release date: 19th March, 2012.

The CD is available directly from Entr’acte at the cost of £9 incl. postage.

Buy Here.

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