Dead Air Spaces

A live radio work created for Radio Revolten. Recorded at the Radio Revolten Club on Tuesday, 25th October 2016.

‘Dead Air Spaces’ is a new radio work that explores one of the most basic but vital of our bodily functions – breathing. It includes interviews with diving instructors, a singer, an organist and a yoga teacher and recordings of breathing exercises, snoring, pneumatic tube systems, purring cats, suction units and scuba-divers along with mechanical processes analogous to the human respiratory system such as church organs, bellows and hospital ventilators. The piece also incorporates the use of bi-nasal microphones, a balloon repurposed as an artificial lung and variety of pipes, tubes, whistles and other apparatus played live.

A ‘dead air space’ in diving terminology, refers to a pocket of air that doesn’t play a part in the gas exchange with the lungs; air left over in the snorkel, regulator or even the throat containing greater levels of carbon dioxide.

Laura Phillips / Mark Vernon duo


Laura Phillips & Mark Vernon duo – live at the Bristol Exchange 29th September, 2021.

Performance to plug the launch of the ‘Sonograph Sound Effects Series Vol.2: Public & Domestic Plumbing & Sanitation’ LP on Calling Cards Publishing.

Laura Phillips: Live 16mm and video projections, hacked and amplified projector and waterphone.

Mark Vernon: Field recordings, pipes, tubes, drips, hydrophone, aquarium water pump, soap suds, popping candy and live processing.

Manja Ristić / Mark Vernon duo


On October 15th Art Radionica Lazareti, Dubrovnik hosted the first improv encounter of Manja Ristić and Mark Vernon.

Found sounds & tape loops, field recordings & objects, electromagnetic mics & hydrophones, cardboard box & wheelchair wheel, violin & balloon, toy drum & feedback – are only some of the means which they used for sculpting phantasmic sonic narratives in their attentive and dynamic musical exchange.