Paper Gestures – CD release and 8-channel night at Cafe Oto

New CD/download out now on Jason Lescalleet’s Glistening Examples.

Paper Gestures was originally created as an 8-channel sound work at EMS, Stockholm in 2019. This is a stereo version created especially for limited edition CD release and download on Glistening Examples. The piece is based upon field recordings made across Norway over a 13-year period including sounds of military exercises with tank fire, a road surface stripping machine, breaking panes of glass, high speed trains, ultrasound recordings of stomach noises, wind whistling through vents on the Oslo underground, sliding wardrobe doors, microwaved popcorn, soap suds, bee hives, hand bells and bicycle races.

Composed from field recordings made in Oslo, Lillestrøm, Deset, Eidsvoll, Risør, Øysang, Røros and Trondheim, Norway between 2006 and 2018. Created with the support of EMS and Creative Scotland.

Exterior artwork by Barbara Breitenfellner. Interior artwork by Tian Miller.

To order or for more details visit here.

8-Channel Night at Cafe Oto

Featuring the debut presentation of Paper Gestures in 8-channels as part of a surround night at Cafe Oto also including performances by Kate Carr and Tom White.

Cafe Oto, Tuesday, 3rd March, 7.30pm. £10 / £8 Advance / Members free

More details here.

Sonomama Sessions #1

Sonomama Sessions
(sonomama, jap. = ‘as it is’)

19.30, Saturday 25th January, Centre for Contemporary Arts, Glasgow

The Sonomama Sessions are open gatherings/happenings around various themes ranging from the arts, to ecological or spiritual understanding.
Most of the times there will be featured guest artists/speakers, always there will be a nice atmosphere and poetic impulses to be followed.

Mark Vernon
Ronan Whittern
Angus Macdonald
Cyril Lamar

Fieldwave tape – out now


I have a track on a new cassette compilation called Fieldwave that is just out now. You can buy copies of the limited edition tape or download ithere.

Fieldwave is a new compilation from Nonclassical that unearths compositions with field recording at their heart. Curated by DJ and sonic adventurer Nick Luscombe (Late Junction, Musicity), it highlights a new wave of sonic artists incorporating natural sound into their work.

The idea for this new compilation series is to reflect a burgeoning area of sonic creativity that has gone from very niche to something much more commonplace. As a DJ at BBC Radio 3’s Late Junction, Nick would receive music every day that contained some element of field recording. Many of the artists contained within have received airplay on Late Junction as well as on Late Junction and other experimental programmes. The release features sound artists Kate Carr, Mark Vernon and Hojo+Kraft, singer-songwriter Daren Hayman (Hefner), and accordionist Tuulikki Bartosik.

Prelude: Opera of the Body

The first outing of a new collaboration with Elina Bry as part of the soft tissue tape launch.

Celine and soft tissue present an evening of sound performances with Elina Bry & Mark Vernon, Nakul Krishnamurthy and soft tissue. The event launches the debut release of soft tissue on the London-based label Penultimate Press.

Doors at 6pm, performances start at 6.30pm.

Mark Vernon and Elina Bry present Prelude: Opera of the Body, an introduction to their shared uncanniness. Communication of a stomach ache. Discovering a new collaboration, a new body, a new medium. Who knows?

soft tissue is a collaboration between Glasgow-based artists Feronia Wennborg and Simon Weins, synthesising recordings from everyday life with experiments in analogue and digital feedback. In their performances, soft tissue play within networks of micro amplifications, blurring boundaries between initiated and environmental sounds.

Nakul Krishnamurthy is an Indian composer and artist who is based in Glasgow, UK. In his work, he experiments with the structural foundations of Carnatic music and reconfigures them, thereby examining its boundaries and generating new interpretations of the art form. His work is an intersection of Indian classical music, procedural composition and experimentation derived from contemporary Western art music sensibilities, and electronic music.

Sounds to Forget the Better of You

A new year, a new decade and a new mix for New New World Radio (actually this aired in November but it’s only just been archived online).

Sounds to Forget the Better of You features aural oddities, radiophonic reveries, found tapes, audio love letters and other experimental sounds from Scotland and beyond blended to a fine paste by Glasgow based sound artist and Radiophrenia founder, Mark Vernon.

First aired on NNW Radio, Moscow on 25th November, 2019.

Full track listing:

Isolde Touch – Mostly Static / Always Waiting (Secretary of Sensation CD – Entr’acte)
Comfort – Not Passing (Not Passing – Anxious Music)
Jacob Smigel – I thought he was going to beat me! (Eavesdrop – A Wealth of Found Sound CD)
Marc Baron & Lucio Capece – Self-centered interpretation of (My Trust in You CD – Erstwhile)
Lucas & Friends – Luscious 1 (Lucas & Friends Discover a World of Sound CD – Vinyl Communications)
Nicolas Bernier – Paysages Articulés No.4 (Usure Paysage LP – Hrönir)
Kelly Jayne Jones – Running to and fro (Clay Tablets – Hoarded Creatures cassette – Bloxham Tapes)
OOR Scintilla – Jumbled Airs #1 (Soundcloud)
Mark Vernon – Your Compliance is Higherly Needed (Remnant Kings cassette – Cosmovisión Registros Andinos)
Annea Lockwood – Rod across Edge of Pane (Early Works 1967-82 – EM Records)
The Hippies – Rabies (Soundcloud)
Vernon / Swain – Industrial Potato Peeler (unreleased)
Culturcide – Lets Prance (Tacky Souvenirs of Pre-Revolutionary America CD – self released)
The Modern Institute – Shiver and Quiver (The Modern Institute LP)
Pali Meursault – Cycle 4 (Offset LP – Doubtful Sounds)
Lee Patterson – Butane (second movement) (Seven Vignettes CD – Shadazz)
Hassle Hound – Saltwater Pharmacy (HH / Sun Split 12” – Textile)
Peter Cusack – Baikal Ice Flow (Baikal Ice CD – ReR Megacorp)
Bruno Hoffmann – manipulated excerpt from Music for Glass Harmonica LP (Candide)
Coil – Glowworms Waveforms (Summer Solstice: Bee Stings CD – Eskaton)
Viridian Ensemble – Cephalopod (Trotula Cassette – TBC Editions)
Blue Chemise – Faithful in Everything (Nice Weather for War CD – Kye)
Mark Vernon – A Pale Pink Voice (Orphaned Works cassette – Research Laboratories)
Ore & KK Null – Components of Circulation (7” – Endtyme Records)
Found Sound – Found Microcassette (Found Sound vers 2 CD)
David Ferrando Giraut – Posando de manera arbitraria sobre un fondo de rocas de corcho y arboles de carton (Leve No.7 10”- Castro de Cepeda)
Ian Middleton – Drop (Goldfish Music – unreleased)
Mark Vernon – Shadow Thoughts (Orphaned Works cassette – Research Laboratories)
Ian Middleton – Experimental 1 (Goldfish Music – unreleased)
Mark Vernon – Deep Sleep Trawler (unreleased)
Toshiya Tsunoda – Inside of a Pipe at the Seashore 2 (Pieces of Air CD – Lucky Kitchen)
Coil vs Elph – The Halliwell Hammers (Worship the Glitch CD – Eskaton)
Nicolas Bernier – Les Chambres De L’atelier (Usure Paysage LP – Hrönir)
Lucas & Friends – Luscious 2 (Lucas & Friends Discover a World of Sound CD – Vinyl Communications)
Susan Drone – Four Sinusoids to Eliane (Four Sinusoids to Eliane cassette – Important Drone Records)
Alice Kemp – Fingerprints on the Inside of the Mirror (Fill My Body with Flowers and Rice LP – Erratum Musical)
Moon Zero – Endless Palms (Tombs CD – Denovali)
Mark Vernon – Amber Gambler (The Harrachov Exchange remix CD)
Alice Kemp – Spore Tongue for a Rotting May Queen (Fill My Body with Flowers and Rice LP – Erratum Musical)
Mark Vernon – The Larum of the Living (An Annotated Phonography of Chance LP – Misanthropic Agenda)
Ian Middleton – Synth (Goldfish Music – unreleased)
Mark Vernon – Last Breath( Effets d’Orage) (In the Throat of the Machine – unreleased)
Alice Kemp – A Rope to the Stars (Fill My Body with Flowers and Rice LP – Erratum Musical)
Vernon & Burns – While My Pretty One Sleeps (The Light at the End of the Dial LP – Gagarin)
Kali Malone – Spectacle of Ritual (The Sacrificial Code – Ideal Recordings)
Mark Vernon – A Pale Pink Voice (Orphaned Works cassette – Research Laboratories)

Anthony Burgess Archive LP/CD

Conversations with the Anthony Burgess cassette archives (1964-1993)

Very pleased to have been included on this excellent compilation out now on the Belgian label Sub Rosa. The compilation consists of of archive material and remixes and is available as a double LP or CD set. The project was curated by Alan Dunn in collaboration with the International Anthony Burgess Foundation and Sub Rosa.

Disc 1 contains the very first and last known recordings of Burgess’s voice alongside domestic incidents, rehearsals and answering machine messages, while Disc 2 invites 23 artists and musicians to remix the rare material into a unique Burgess portrait far beyond ‘A Clockwork Orange’ including reinterpretations by Chris Watson, Dinah Bird, Scanner, Mark Vernon and many others.

Anthony Burgess’s second wife Liana carried a cassette recorder with her at all times to capture her life with the author and their son Andrew. This extraordinarily intimate audio archive of over 1,000 cassettes now sits with the International Anthony Burgess Foundation and artist Alan Dunn has been granted access to select excerpts from it and curate sonic conversations from others.

Available now from Sub Rosa.

Bristol gigs – Qwak Club & Domestic Sound Cupboard


I will be in Bristol next week for a couple of gigs as well as guesting on a live radio show with Viridian Ensemble. First up is Qwak Club with Graham Lambkin on the 23rd November followed by the debut of a new AV collaboration at
Domestic Sound Cupboard on the 27th.

QWAK club #5

An evening of free improv, experimental sound art and performance hosted by the Cube Cinema and featuring live sets by Graham Lambkin, Mark Vernon, Joe Kelley / D-M Withers Duo and Grey Faced Sibling.

When: Saturday, 23rd November, 8pm – midnight.
Where: QWAK club, The Cube Cinema, Dove Street South [off top-left of King Square], Kingsdown, BS2 8JD
Tickets: £9 ADV – available here.

Live performances in the auditorium will begin at 8pm and finish around 10.30PM. DJs will continue in the bar afterwards until around midnight.
More details here.

Domestic Sound Cupboard

For this month’s Domestic Sound Cupboard, the focus is on images, sounds, music, poetry & BEEF! Featuring Kathy Hinde’s Twittering Machines and the first showcase of a new collaboration between Glasgow based artist Mark Vernon (Radiophrenia) & local artist Laura Phillips (BEEF / Viridian Ensemble). An experiment in sound and image exploring the structures of sanitation systems and public health guidelines to hand washing.

When: Wednesday, 27th November 2019. Music starts at 8.30 on the dot ends at 22.30
Where: The Crofters Rights, 117-119 Stokes Croft, BS1 3RW Bristol, United Kingdom.

Pay what you can, suggested donations £5
Excellent Pizzas in Rays Kitchen & Great Ales at the bar!
More details here.

New LP out now on Misanthropic Agenda

An Annotated Phonography of Chance


An Annotated Phonography of Chance expands upon the soundtrack to an uncompleted 16mm film made in collaboration with English filmmaker Martha Jurksaitis and the Portuguese artist duo Von Calhau! The film ‘Nossos Ossos’ (which also lends its name to one of the tracks on this record) was shot largely on location in the Alentejo region of Portugal in 2013.

Sites visited included Evora, Evoramonte, the bone chapel ‘Capela dos Ossos’, Almendres Cromlech and many other castles, churches and megalithic sites in the area. These locations were used to make experiments with natural reverbs, for the most part sounding out the spaces with voices. Along with location field recordings and found tapes this provided the raw material for much of the soundtrack.

Limited edition pressing of 100 copies. Available now direct from Misanthropic Agenda or for UK distribution from Penultimate Press.

Sonikas Festival, Madrid


I am honoured to have been invited to perform a live quadraphonic set at the 17th edition of experimental music festival Sonikas in Madrid at the end of this month. The festival is free for anyone to attend and takes place across two days – the 26th and 27th October – other acts include Tube Tentacles & Garazi Gorostiaga (GABA), Jesper Pedersen and Andrew Chalk & Timo Van Lujik (Elodie). More details (in Spanish) below.

Esta es nuestra propuesta para este año:
20:00h_ GABA

21:00h_ ELODIE (Andrew Chalk & Timo Van Luijk)

Entrada gratuita

Una vez empezado el concierto, no se permitirá el acceso a la sala.

No está permitido comer, ni beber dentro del auditorio

Centro Cultural Lope de Vega

Calle Concejo de Teverga, 1, 28053 Madrid. La decimoséptima edición de Sonikas ya está aquí y todos estáis invitados. Este año nos acompañará Tube Tentacles & Garazi Gorostiaga (GABA), Jesper Pedersen, Mark Vernon y Andrew Chalk & Timo Van Lujik (Elodie). Con ellos reivindicaremos otra forma de escuchar y sentir el sonido.

Este año, a diferencia de años anteriores, volvemos a nuestros orígenes y hemos movido la fecha de Sonikas a los días 26 y 27 de octubre. Siempre hemos sido conscientes de que para el público y artistas resultaba complicado hacer un hueco en la última semana de año. Muchos sabéis que apenas contábamos con la posibilidad de anticipar fechas y no nos quedaba más remedio de hacerlo en diciembre.

Como es costumbre, la entrada es gratuita y se ruega puntualidad para no interferir en el desarrollo de las actuaciones.


Como llegar:
RENFE: Asamblea de madrid-Entrevias
EMT: Autobus 102 (Desde Atocha)

The World Backwards

A new hour-long music mix created for Organismal available to listen to from 11th October. A trawl through some of the dustiest and darkest corners of my record collection featuring Pytchblend, Annea Lockwood, Chris Watson, Ramases, Toi-So, Timothy Shortell, Anna Peaker, Cyclobe and unreleased tracks by myself and Hassle Hound.
Full Tracklist:

Hugh Le Caine – Sounds to Forget (Compositions Demonstrations 1946-1974 CD)
Anna Peaker – Helicidae (Alert LP – Alter)
Andreas Oskar Hirsch – Row (Row LP – Makiphon)
Found Sound – Concerned Citizen (Found Sound vers 2 CD)
Pytchblend – Ephemeralgold (Ft. Yawha) (Soundcloud)
Timothy Shortell – Tropical Storm Irene (Windows CD – Überkatze Studio)
Found Sound – Dear Dad (Found Sound vers 2 CD)
Cyclobe – Strange Hotel (luminous Darkness – Phantom Code)
Open Corner – Suture Of Love (Empty Pool To No One CD – Recital)
Ian Middleton – Minimal (from Goldfish Music)
Hardworking Families – Hindered Soul
Toshiya Tsunoda – Cider Forest on a Windy Day (Pieces of Air – Lucky Kitchen)
Lee Patterson – Butane (first movement) (Seven Vignettes – Shadazz)
Hassle Hound – The Shapeliest Negations (unreleased)
Lee Patterson – Nine Lucifers (Seven Vignettes – Shadazz)
Toi-So – Baby (Soundcloud)
Nicolas Bernier – Les Chambres De L’atelier (Usure Paysage – Hrönir)
Locked Groove – 1,000 Lock Grooves LP (RRR Records)
Mark Vernon – The Object Invoked (Alert LP – Alter)
Annea Lockwood – Spinning Discs (Early Works 1967-82 – EM Records)
The Orchardist – Nocturnal Pollination by Sphinx (Mercury Vineyard Surgeries Cassette – Nonlocal Research)
Found Sound – Trailer Couple (Found Sound vers 2 CD)
Hugh Le Caine – Invocation (1957) (Compositions Demonstrations 1946-1974 CD)
Jacob Smigel – You Know, Who, What, Where (Eavesdrop Found Sound CD)
John Carpenter – from Dark Star soundtrack
Lucas & Friends – track 24 (Found Sound)
Lee Patterson – Butane (first movement) (Seven Vignettes – Shadazz)
Ramases – Journey to the Inside (Space Hymns LP – Vertigo)
Chris Watson – Cassarina (Star Switch On CD– Touch)
Mark Vernon – Jamais Vu (unreleased)