‘post-chance’ CD out now on Erstwhile


Marc Baron & Mark Vernon – post-chance

This new collaborative project is out now as a CD release on the New Jersey based label, Erstwhile.

The CD marks the results of a year-long dialogue over the course of which we sent fragments of unspooled open reel tape to each other in batches. A sort of abstract correspondence by means of tape. The tape fragments contained a series of sound experiments, sketches or audio snapshots. Each package also contained a magnet that would partially erase the contents. We copied the tape both before and after its journey and used the original recordings and their ‘ghost’ counterparts to form the basis of this composition. The first time we actually met in person was when we began to assemble the piece from the mountain of material we had accrued.

“A fascinating collaboration that plays like listening to a conversation already fading from memory …a choir of spirits released from quarter-inch tape.”
Jibril Yassin, Tone Glow

“The album is like all the most elusive and ingenious tricks of analogue tape manipulation brought together in a showcase of studio sleight of hand.”
Derek Walmsley, The Wire

You can order the CD or purchase the download direct from Erstwhile here.

I have a limited number of artist copies available for £12 plus P&P. Just drop me an email if you’re interested