Choses Contraires

As some opportunities disappear others present themselves. I am very pleased to have been invited to take part in a new radio show collaboration with French sound artist Elen Huynh this month. The first 15 minutes of the show was collaged together by Elen from my archives – the remaining 45 minutes is all new collaborative material created by passing recordings back and forth online over the past month or so.

You can hear the show live on LYL Radio this Tuesday, 16th June. More details below:

Choses Contraires
LYL Radio – 16/06/2020 • 9PM – 10PM (CET)

Elen Huynh nous propose d’écouter 1 heure de composition sonore et vocale faite avec son invité Mark Vernon, artiste radio et producteur basé à Glasgow, pour sa dernière Choses Contraires de la saison.

The show has since been archived so you can now listen using the player above.