Deep Listening

Mark Vernon & Daniel Padden: Deep Listening

6:30pm – 7:30pm, Sunday 29th September, 2019
Albert Drive,
G41 2PE

Tickets are free and are available to book here.

This event is part of Altered States and Human Threads, a season from the inclusive arts organisation Artlink, devised in response to ‘Until’, the current exhibition by Nick Cave at Tramway, and aimed at breaking down barriers of difference through shared experience. It will take place in the studio space.

A meditative deep listening audio event in the form of an augmented surround sound soundscape and gong bath. Participants will lie in the centre of a circle of gongs and speakers in a fully immersive, passive listening experience blending natural sounds, ambient textures and the resonating harmonics of gongs. Mats, cushions and eye masks will be provided.

This event is informed by the rich sensory interests and insights of individuals with profound developmental and multiple learning disabilities. Devised by Mark Vernon and Daniel Padden.

No latecomers admitted.

Suitable for ages 16+
If you require additional info on access to this event please contact Artlink directly.

More details here.

The other events in the series include:

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23rd September – ‘Comfort Zones? Whose Comfort Zones?’with Robert Softley Gale

29th September – ‘Sensational Brass’ with Wendy Jacob & Brass Aye

7th October – ‘Listening With Our Bodies’ with Jessica Gogan and Dasha Lavrennikov

14th October – ‘Spin’ by Red Note Ensemble


Part of Altered States and Human Threads (23 September – 14 October) curated by Artlink (Edinburgh) which aims to unite diverse audiences through immersive experiences. Funded by Creative Scotland.