e.g. Sometime Instant

CD featuring live recordings and excerpts from radio broadcasts made by Radio Tuesday in Glasgow as part of ‘e.g. Sometime Instant’, Transmission Gallery, 2000.

Featured artists include: ammm, Calum Stirling, Life Without Buildings, Marc Baines, Brian Lavelle & Richard Youngs, Hanna’s Barber, James McLardy & David Youngs, Heather Minchin, Zoë Irvine & Gerald Lopez Straub, Mutti Geld, John Nicol, Beagles & Ramsey, Deaf & Dummy, Janek Schaeffer, Barry Burns, Hassle Hound, Hayley Newman, Cylinder and Carol McGuigan.

Sound clip: 0800 595595 by Calum Stirling. An audio work based on the infamous bootleg tape of a monitored telephone call to Glasgow Emergency plumbing service. Jazz guitar line created using a midi version of the voice track. Improvised drumming courtesy of Stevie Boyle.