ETCS Records – Guest Mix

At the invitation of Alvaro Daguer of Chile’s Cosmovisión Registros Andinos and ETCS Records (and the band Glorias Navales) I was asked to take part in an interview and put together an hour-long mix of some of my favourite Glasgow artist and musicians. Alvaro has conducted interviews with a number of artists from Chile and further afield who are part of the ETCS / Yellow Moon / Cosmovision Andinos roster that will be brought together in a fanzine. The focus is on different perspectives of the affects of the COVID-19 crisis in different parts of the world. Copies of the fanzine will be given away with all tape purchases and all of the artists mixes are available on Mixcloud.

Full track list below:

ETCS Guest Mix – Mark Vernon

01) Klaysstarr – reek (More No Place / ucorridor Recs)
02) Apostille – It’s Not Right (Alert / Alter)
03) Rob Churm & Joe Howe – The Great God Pan (unreleased)
04) Comfort – Better Need Assumptions (Not Passing)
05) Kübler Ross – Go On Your Way (Kübler Ross / Akashic)
06) Soft Tissue – Gesine 2 (Soft Tissue / Penultimate Press)
07) Hanna Tuulikki – Spinning-in-Stereo (Spinning-in-Stereo)
08) Luke Fowler & Richard McMaster – Twilight of the Rock Gods (excerpt / unreleased)
09) Klaysstarr – music (More No Place / ucorridor Recs)
10) Trouble Tracer – Clean Flow Morrow (unreleased)
11) Toi-So – Baby (unreleased)
12) Bell Lungs – Phosphodenderophobia (Phosphodenderophobia / Bandcamp)
13) The Modern Institute – Arabic Eight (The Modern Institute / Night School)
14) Sarah Kenchington & Daniel Padden – Tapered Things (The Bellow Switch / Shadazz)
15) Nichola Scrutton – Lateral (Bandcamp)
16) Cucina Povera – ZOOM0015 (Zoom / Night School)
17) Ellen Huynh & Mark Vernon – Stirring into the Awakening (unreleased)
18) Mark Vernon – Ill Fitting Rooms (unreleased)
19) Lucy Duncombe with Kenneth Wilson – And If I Was A Word… (excerpt / unreleased)
20) Sue Zuki – Every Conversation (We Are All Very Anxious / Domestic Exile)
21) Klaysstarr – ubiety (More No Place / ucorridor Recs)
22) Total Leatherette – Metro Boomer (For the Climax of the Night / MILK Records)
23) Vernon & Burns – The State Dismantling Corps (From the Cable to the Grave / Akashic)
24) Ela Orleans – Homily (Low Sun / High Moon / Setola Di Maiale)
25) Soft Tissue – Feedback (Soft Tissue / Penultimate Press)
26) Cyril Lamar – Kata (unreleased)
27) Streets of Glasgow – field recording