Fieldwave tape – out now


I have a track on a new cassette compilation called Fieldwave that is just out now. You can buy copies of the limited edition tape or download ithere.

Fieldwave is a new compilation from Nonclassical that unearths compositions with field recording at their heart. Curated by DJ and sonic adventurer Nick Luscombe (Late Junction, Musicity), it highlights a new wave of sonic artists incorporating natural sound into their work.

The idea for this new compilation series is to reflect a burgeoning area of sonic creativity that has gone from very niche to something much more commonplace. As a DJ at BBC Radio 3’s Late Junction, Nick would receive music every day that contained some element of field recording. Many of the artists contained within have received airplay on Late Junction as well as on Late Junction and other experimental programmes. The release features sound artists Kate Carr, Mark Vernon and Hojo+Kraft, singer-songwriter Daren Hayman (Hefner), and accordionist Tuulikki Bartosik.