At the kind invitation of Counterflows and the Goethe Institute, Radiophrenia’s Mark Vernon and Barry Burns were invited to select a German artist to collaborate with on a new sound piece.

Having heard some of Berlin based sound and radio artist Antje Vowinckel’s exceptional works submitted to previous editions of Radiophrenia, they invited her to participate. All three artists share a passion for the possibilities of the medium of radio and a fascination for the rhythms and cadences of speech.

The resulting work should have been presented as part of Counterflows 2020 but unfortunately that was not to be. They are now working together on a longer term project for Counterflows 2021 but in the meantime Vernon & Burns in collaboration with Vowinckel have created an unorthodox sideways radiophonic portrait of the artist and her practice. The eccentric approach in the resultant audio collage is not intended as an accurate portrait of Vowinckel, more as an impressionistic overview with interventions and twists on the conventional form; thoughts and meditations on the act of purposeful listening and sound creation.

You can hear the piece and read more about the process on the Counterflows website here. It will also be broadcast on Radiophrenia at 10am on Friday, 20th November.