selected tracks from ‘Hairwaves: a cautionary tale’


A radio station, audio CD and publication devoted to all aspects of hair. Hairwaves was a collaboration between Zoë Irvine, Mark Vernon and Freight Design with specially commissioned illustrations by Danielle Lemaire. Created from recordings and interviews made in hairdressers and hair establishments between 2001 and 2006, the scope of the project quickly broadened out to include pet grooming, wig making and psychic barbers.

“…from anecdotes blowing hot and cold on the subject of hairdryers, to accounts of the bald facts on barbers. We have snipped and textured, layered, added some highlights and brushed away the clippings so we can now offer up this cautionary tale.”

The publication and CD Hairwaves: a cautionary tale was launched at the CCA, Glasgow with a live, day-long RSL radio broadcast targeted at all salons, hairdressers and barber shops within the broadcast radius. As well as featuring works from the audio CD the broadcast included contributions received from an open call for radio works and music on the theme of ‘hair’.

The original Hairwaves FM radio broadcast went out across Glasgow on 87.7fm on the 8th December 2006.
The CD was featured on Radio 3’s Mixing It and a highlights show aired on Resonance FM later the same year.