His and Hers and the Sun

A film by Laura Phillips (2022).

Soundtrack by Mark Vernon from the LP ‘Time Deferred’ (Gagarin Records, 2022)

Presented is an abstracted 16mm film made with Orwo UN54 16mm film, hand developed and then overlaid with cameraless filmmaking techniques using washi tape & cyanotype. The recurring motifs of the Blue Marble photo and water draining in a sink with the multiple layering of images can be seen as a reflexive statement about the processing of filmmaking and a playful visual pun about water detritus and waste management. The soundtrack was made by Mark Vernon, a sound artist who works with tactility and intimacy of radio, known for his recycling of field recordings and obsolete media. Both the soundscore and visuals use repetitive rhythms to simulate cyclical systems, be it the water cycles, refuge cycles or ways of looking.