Histoires Contaminées / Contaminated Stories

Over recent years there has been a resurgence of interest in storytelling traditions in Quebec. ‘Histoires Contaminées’ explores the idea that in folk traditions a story is a constantly evolving form given new shape by each teller. Although the details may change the underlying archetypes remain the same.

Four local storytellers were invited to adapt or improvise a story that would include four predetermined items or themes. The intention was to create four points of correlation where the different narratives would meet or overlap. These stories were then used as raw material; edited, re-cut, processed and combined, to create a completely new narrative. The resulting work, ‘Histoires Contaminées’, is an unorthodox radio play in the tradition of German Hörspiel. Voices merge with field recordings, found tapes and abstract sounds in a simultaneously meditative and delirious audio montage. The ambiguous meaning is intended as a point of departure for the listeners imagination.

Celine Jantet
Claudette L’Heureux
Ginette Morin
Nicolas Rochette

‘Histoires Contaminées’ was produced during a 3-month residency at PRIM in Montreal, Canada in 2008. The residency is an exchange programme between CALQ, PRIM, the Scottish Arts Council and the CCA in Glasgow. ‘Histoires Contaminées’ was first broadcast on CKUT 90.3 FM, Montreal, September 2nd, 2008. Limited CDR edition of 50 (mere 023).