New CD out now on Entr’acte

Static Cinema Mark Vernon’s debut release for UK label Entr’acte.

Static Cinema is the result of a series of musical improvisations using household objects combined with both treated and un-treated field recordings made in Scotland, Germany and Norway between 2008 and 2010. An audio drama missing its lead actors, Static Cinema explores several evocative spaces with the roaming ear of the microphone – capturing and interrogating them for meaning. Dramatic perspective shifts equate to different scenes or cuts with long shots, close-ups, pans and zooms. The different recording locations function as spontaneous mise-en-scène waiting in suspense for an event yet to occur, or an actor still to make their entrance.

Release date: 19th March, 2012.

The CD is available directly from Entr’acte at the cost of £9 incl. postage.

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