Paper Cone Music

Octopus Collective micro-radio commission

Saturday 1st December, 13:00 – 17:00, Piel View House, Barrow-in-Furness.

Broadcasting 16:00-17:00

Sound artist Mark Vernon returns to Barrow park in December for a live performance workshop and broadcast from Piel View House:

‘A group performance for paper cones, turntables and sound effects records. Ideally up to four performers with four turntables and up to 12 microphones with stands. Using rolled up paper cones and sewing needles or scalpel blades as a stylus the performers ‘play’ the records – attempting to play each record simultaneously from as many different points as they can. The mechanism of the turntables is also miked up using contact mics. Each performer is in control of their own mix. Gradually they build up a live soundscape from dead recordings of locations and events that were captured and imprinted on vinyl decades ago.‘

Paper Cone Music is the first of the new FON Air micro-commissions to air. See the Octopus Collective website for future broadcasts:

An edit combining rehearsals and initial experiments together with the live performance of the piece by the Piel View Hackers is now available to listen or download from here