Poulpe & Christmas Rewind at Storey Gallery, Lancaster


7.30pm Friday 18 November 2011

On Friday 18 November, Storey Gallery hosts an evening of live audio and installation. Barrow’s Sound Art and Music organisation, The Octopus Collective (with special guest Mark Vernon), will perform Poulpe, a live audio performance, drawing on found texts sourced from local charity shops.

In addition Mark Vernon will present the latest version of A Christmas Rewind. Originally commissioned by Octopus for Barrow Park Bandstand, this multi-channel audio installation piece draws on the archives of the Derby Tape Recording club and includes taped letters, party recordings, seasonal music and Mark’s own compositions.

The Octopus Collective comprises artists Glenn Boulter, Andrew Deakin. John Hall and Fern Oxley. Based in Barrow Park, Octopus delivers the acclaimed FON Festival of Sound Arts and Contemporary Music, along with a regular programme of residencies, commissions, performances and education projects involving artists from the UK, Europe and Japan.