Radiophrenia is a temporary art radio station exploring current trends in sound and transmission arts. Broadcasting from the Centre for Contemporary Arts in Glasgow Radiophrenia aims to promote radio as an art form, encouraging experimental approaches to the medium not catered for by mainstream stations. The station was founded by Glasgow based sound artist and radio producer Mark Vernon and is coordinated and co-curated by Barry Burns and Mark Vernon.

Radiophrenia’s first series of transmissions took place in April 2015 broadcasting 24-hours a day for a full week. The station was granted a restricted service license (RSL) transmitting on 87.9fm with a simultaneous live webstream. Subsequent two-week long broadcasts have taken place in 2016, 2017, 2019, 2020 and 2022.

The schedule includes live shows and pre-recorded features, soundscapes, spoken word, documentary, drama, radio experiments, found sound and some radical new programme ideas, the majority of which are selected from submissions to an international open call for sound and radio works. In its short time, Radiophrenia has commissioned more than 100 new radio works for broadcast and live performance and facilitated the broadcast of more than 1700 hours of artist’s radio and sound work.

At the core of this celebration of radiophonic art are a series of specially commissioned ‘live-to-air’ performances by a mix of local and international artists. Selected artists are asked to respond to the unique circumstances of creating a work that is both a live performance and a radio broadcast, reflecting the fact that there will be an audience present in the theatre in addition to an unseen audience of listeners at home. Commissioned artists have included; Sue Tompkins & Russel Haswell, The Modern Institute, Asparagus Piss Raindrop, Sarah Angliss, Felix Kubin, The Resonance Radio Orchestra, Cucina Povera, Espen Somer Eide, Ben Knight & Tom White, Shelly Nadashi, Kathryn Elkin, Elizabeth Veldon, Jim Colquhoun, Maya Dunietz, Cara Tolmie, Zoe Strachan & Nichola Scrutton, Secluded Bronte, Rebecca Wilcox, Xentos Frey Bentos, Sister and Fallope & the Tubes.

From 2016 onwards Radiophrenia has commissioned a series of new radio productions for it’s broadcasts, one new work for each day of the 2-week schedule. Commissioned artists have included: Gregory Whitehead, Alessandro Bosetti, Meira Asher & Maya Dunietz, Jason Lescalleet, Sarah Tripp, Sisters Akousmatica, Luke Fowler & Richard McMaster, Wojciech Rusin, Doog Cameron, Lisa Busby & Rose Dagul,  Klaysstarr, Rob Kennedy & Jess Worrall, Catherine Street, Isabelle Stragliati, Zoe Irvine, Joe Howe, Chris Dooks, Stuart Gurden, Amble Skuse, Lin Li, Andreas Oskar Hirsch, Jean-Philippe Renoult & DinahBird, Diacoustics, Sean Burn, Catriona Shaw, Sarah Angliss, Anna Friz and Graham Lambkin.

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