Sitting in a Room (Because of Covid 19)

In April 2020, Yanik Miossec et Jérôme Noetinger invited 20 artists, among the twenty countries most affected by the SARS-CoV-2 Coronavirus (in terms of number of contaminations as of March 31, 2020) to participate in an interpretation of the Alvin Lucier composition, ‘I am sitting in a room’. Sitting in 20 different rooms in 20 different countries, 20 artists recorded their own voices and then re-re-recorded the voices of each of the other so that by the end of the process everyone’s voice had passed through the rooms of each other. Under lockdown conditions it was proposed as a means of contaminating speech without risking our health.

After almost two years this lockdown interpretation of the classic Alvin Lucier piece is now available online.

Sitting In a Room (Because of Covid 19) is a “pay as you wish” Bandcamp release with all proceeds going to French charity ‘Secours Populaire’ – an organisation helping people in need of food, clothes and education.

Nicolas Collins, Maria Auriemma, Yan Jun, Marta Sainz, Andrea Neumann, Anne-Julie Rollet, Bani Khoshnoudi, Mark Vernon, Delphine Reist, Hankil Ryu, Frans de Waard, Angelica Castello, Floris Wanhoof, Eda Er, Eric Normand, David Maranha, Guroe Moe, Miyuki Jokiranta, Claudia Mader, Eran Sachs.

You can listen or download the individual pieces or the whole project here.