Sound House

A radio documentary about the ‘Sound House’ – a site-specific installation created by Sarah Kenchington. With the help of staff at Modern Art Oxford Sarah transformed a recently vacated family home that was due for demolition into a multi-faceted musical instrument. I was originally commissioned to document the installation through sound with a brief to re-work this material into a composition that in some way reflected the experience. Interviews with Sarah and several former residents of the now demolished Orlit houses on the Rosehill estate were combined with these compositions and field recordings to form the basis of this programme.

“…I have been keenly aware of the intense and often reciprocal dialogue between the audible and the visible. Buildings provide spaces for living, but are also de facto instruments, giving shape to the sound of the world. Music and architecture are related not only by metaphor, but also through concrete space.”

Daniel Libeskind – Soundscape for Sound and Vision (2003)