Strange Air on Clyde Built Radio

A riveting new mix welded together for Glasgow’s latest radio station Clyde Built Radio.
Listen live at 11am this Sunday here.
Full playlist below.
This show has since been archived and can now be heard using the player above.
Strange Air Jingle
Marja Ahti – Coastal Inversion (‘Vegetal Negatives’ LP / Hallow Ground)
Henry Jacobs – Ocean (‘Around The World With Henry Jacobs’ CD / Important Records)
Nurse With Wound & James Worse – The Creptile Lickbug (‘Au-Delà’ LP / Meakusma)
Bryan Lewis Saunders – Different Ways of Talking (‘87 Dreams of a Sociopath’ DL / Surrism Phonoethics)
Fog – Conversation With Angles (‘Undersound’ CDR / Self Released)
Christian Mirande – Leaving Mildenhall (‘Trying to Remember a House’ CD / Glistening Examples)
Vito Acconci – Track 3 (‘For Your Ears Only’)
Melanie Clifford – Ceiling Fans (Unreleased)
Henry Jacobs – Playground (‘Around The World With Henry Jacobs’ CD / Important Records)
Chris Watson – Rue Grimaldi Remixed (‘Conversations With The Anthony Burgess Cassette Archive (1964-1993)’ LP / Sub Rosa)
Jérôme Noetinger – Rappel / Le Cabestan Orphelin (‘dR’ CD / Éditions Piednu’)
Mark Vernon – Ill Fitting Rooms (Unreleased)
Open Corner – Styrofoam Plate Still Life (‘Empty Pool To No One’ CD / Recital)
Negativland – True False (‘True False’ CD / Seeland)
Ernst Karel – Stanserhorn—Kälti (‘Swiss Mountain Transport Systems’ CD / Gruenrekorder)
Timothy Shortell – Ville D’Aulnay (‘Windows’ CD / Überkatze Studio)
Drew Daniel – Phonecall (‘Family Audio’ CDR / Lucky Kitchen)
Christof Migone – SevenSixOne-FourEightFourOne (‘Sound Voice Perform’ CD / Errant Bodies Press)
Henry Jacobs – Get a Tape Recorder (‘Around The World With Henry Jacobs’ CD / Important Records)
Hanna Hartman – Fracture (‘Gattet’ CD / Firework Edition Records)
Mathieu Serruys – Glove (‘Skin / Glove’ LP / B.A.A.D.M.)
Melanie Clifford – Ceiling Fans (Unreleased)
Strange Air Jingle / Credits