The Eldritch Transmissions

The Eldritch Transmissions: A Study in Radiophrenia

A radio play by Vernon & Burns originally commissioned by WORM for Café Sonore, VPRO Radio 6 (NL).

The diary of a missing person gives disturbing clues to his disappearance. An insomniac relies on his radio to offer company during the long hours of the night. Amongst the fuzz and static in between stations the thoughts of his neighbours begin to intrude upon the airwaves. As he eavesdrops on the lives of those around him we become acquainted with a number of characters and their stories, the amusing, the eccentric, the everyday and the plain odd. But amongst the banal babble of his neighbour’s lives lurks another more sinister sound…….

An innovative and surreal Lovecraftian tale which incorporates music, sound effects and field recordings to present a chilling but darkly amusing story of voyeurism and the intimacy of the radio voice.

The Eldritch Transmissions was aired on VPRO Radio 6 (NL) and Resonance FM in 2008 and was also selected for Sonic Arts Network’s Expo 2008 in Brighton. A CD version was released in 2010 as volume #5 in WORM’s Horspil series.