The Silver Smokescreen

“When the devil pulls the strings, all the world must dance…”

Constructing an episodic narrative from silent movie intertitles, Vernon and Burns translate grand melodramatic gestures and deadpan pratfall pantomime into the audio realm. Hand-tinted frames of sound, under-cranked audio slapstick and sepia-soaked expressionism for the ear are projected onto the cinema screen of the mind’s eye.

This programme was commissioned by WORM and was produced during a residency at WORM studios, Rotterdam. It was performed live as part of ‘Popular Noise for the Masses’ at WORM, March 2010. The narrator was Giles Bailey.

First aired on Cafe Sonore, VPRO Radio 6, June 12th 2010. Subsequent broadcasts on Resonance 104.4 FM, 2011.