The World Backwards

A new hour-long music mix created for Organismal available to listen to from 11th October. A trawl through some of the dustiest and darkest corners of my record collection featuring Pytchblend, Annea Lockwood, Chris Watson, Ramases, Toi-So, Timothy Shortell, Anna Peaker, Cyclobe and unreleased tracks by myself and Hassle Hound.
Full Tracklist:

Hugh Le Caine – Sounds to Forget (Compositions Demonstrations 1946-1974 CD)
Anna Peaker – Helicidae (Alert LP – Alter)
Andreas Oskar Hirsch – Row (Row LP – Makiphon)
Found Sound – Concerned Citizen (Found Sound vers 2 CD)
Pytchblend – Ephemeralgold (Ft. Yawha) (Soundcloud)
Timothy Shortell – Tropical Storm Irene (Windows CD – Überkatze Studio)
Found Sound – Dear Dad (Found Sound vers 2 CD)
Cyclobe – Strange Hotel (luminous Darkness – Phantom Code)
Open Corner – Suture Of Love (Empty Pool To No One CD – Recital)
Ian Middleton – Minimal (from Goldfish Music)
Hardworking Families – Hindered Soul
Toshiya Tsunoda – Cider Forest on a Windy Day (Pieces of Air – Lucky Kitchen)
Lee Patterson – Butane (first movement) (Seven Vignettes – Shadazz)
Hassle Hound – The Shapeliest Negations (unreleased)
Lee Patterson – Nine Lucifers (Seven Vignettes – Shadazz)
Toi-So – Baby (Soundcloud)
Nicolas Bernier – Les Chambres De L’atelier (Usure Paysage – Hrönir)
Locked Groove – 1,000 Lock Grooves LP (RRR Records)
Mark Vernon – The Object Invoked (Alert LP – Alter)
Annea Lockwood – Spinning Discs (Early Works 1967-82 – EM Records)
The Orchardist – Nocturnal Pollination by Sphinx (Mercury Vineyard Surgeries Cassette – Nonlocal Research)
Found Sound – Trailer Couple (Found Sound vers 2 CD)
Hugh Le Caine – Invocation (1957) (Compositions Demonstrations 1946-1974 CD)
Jacob Smigel – You Know, Who, What, Where (Eavesdrop Found Sound CD)
John Carpenter – from Dark Star soundtrack
Lucas & Friends – track 24 (Found Sound)
Lee Patterson – Butane (first movement) (Seven Vignettes – Shadazz)
Ramases – Journey to the Inside (Space Hymns LP – Vertigo)
Chris Watson – Cassarina (Star Switch On CD– Touch)
Mark Vernon – Jamais Vu (unreleased)