Transmigration Comp – out now on Lullabies for Insomniacs

Various – Transmigration (LFI019)

New compilation album from Lullabies for Insomniacs themed around ideas of Transmigration. The album features ‘Black Faile’ – an exclusive new track by me along with works by 24 other artists. All proceeds from sales go to Samos Volunteers.

The Transmigration compilation navigates a fragmented world that is constricted by miotic idealism and obscured with self-reflexive references that have calcified into new standards and paradigms. Sounds both echo and refuse, sometimes dissolving into mystic contemplation, at other times hatching new foundations or simply melting minds to make matter better (or worse).

The collection is from artists, devoted experimenters, whose timeless explorations inspire and consider the constant revival and perpetual change of meaning – we join them as they are unafraid to plunge into fire without phoenix.

The Immortals become mortal and dance with death. Sound as liminal agent, summons a weightless existence where the disembodied revel with transfigured spectral gestures momentarily relieved from earth bound duties.

What is the significance of similarities and coincidences? Are they rebuses of memory, delusions of the self and the senses, or schemes and symptoms of an order underlying the chaos of human relationships that applies equally to living and dead?

Available to buy from Lullabies for Insomniacs here.