Yellowcake: atomic modern – a film by Gair Dunlop (UK, 2017)

A 66-minute film which traces the rise and fall of the UK nuclear fission research programme, seen through its sites, archives, memories and consequences. It explores the psychic realms of the nuclear- whether as postwar dream of a post-empire future, apocalyptic terror as entertainment, or zone beyond our understandings of time.

The film can be seen as a three screen full-HD installation with quad sound (preferred format) or as a single screen video with stereo sound.
UK Preview of full 3 screen installation took place at VRC, Dundee Contemporary Arts, Dundee on 8th and 9th April.
Single screen version was premiered at Royal Scottish Academy, Edinburgh from April 1st – May 7th.
Its international premiere was at Rome Media Art Festival on 27th April- 1st May 2017 at MAXXI.

Sound design and original music by Mark Vernon.
Sound post production by Zoe Irvine.