Static Cinema

An audio-visual Installation at the Intermedia Gallery, CCA, Glasgow, October – November 2009. The work consisted of multiple slide projectors on timers, an ad-hoc stage with seating bank and a composed soundtrack diffused over four speakers.

A vacant stall at a Düsseldorf flea market re-imagined as a theatre set… the attic of a derelict building, infested with pigeons… a dank, concrete basement in an atelier in Norway…

Static Cinema is an exploration of three evocative spaces captured and interrogated for meaning through the microphone and the camera lens. Each of the locations function as spontaneous mise-en-scène waiting in suspense for an event yet to occur, or an actor still to make their entrance. Through a composed soundscape of field recordings and improvised music, a fictitious narrative develops between these seemingly disparate locales. This is a cinema of the still. The staging of a micro cinema and the projection of the photographs as slides sets up the expectation of motion which is frustrated by the frozen images. The meaning of each image and the relationships between them become contingent on their juxtaposition with the soundtrack at any given moment. Sound becomes the primary medium through which narrative is modulated.

The audio from this installation was later re-worked into an album released as a CD on the Entr’acte label in 2011.

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