Radio Tuesday

Radio Tuesday committee:
Duncan Campbell, Alex Frost and Mark Vernon


Radio Tuesday was an artist-run radio station based in Glasgow set up to produce and broadcast sound art, experimental music, new music, poetry, documentary and other uses of sound. Starting in 1999 sporadic broadcasts took place across Glasgow and the surrounding area involving hundreds of artists.

During February 2000 Radio Tuesday set up a station and broadcast in Helsinki as part of a residency organised by The Modern Institute (Glasgow) at KIASMA Museum.

Later that year Radio Tuesday installed themselves at Transmission Gallery (Glasgow). For the duration of the exhibition the space became a resource area, recording studio, conference room, a venue for gigs, cinema space, gallery and of course – a radio station.

In 2001 Radio Tuesday completed a residency with Molendinar Drugs Services in the Royston Road area of Glasgow. This culminated in the creation of a local radio station, Bolt FM, run and programmed by members of the moving On Project, local residents and other volunteers.

The Cassette only release ‘Wide General Vicinity’, covering the first series of broadcasts was released in 1999. ‘e.g. Sometime Instant’, the follow up CD was released in 2002. Both releases feature a broad range of the artists and musicians involved with the broadcasts.

“Apparently, radio transmissions on unregulated frequencies interfere with normal radio and TV reception and, possibly, aircraft communications. Temporary licences to broadcast are available (from the same people who do TV licences)–but cost around £2000. In Glasgow for four Tuesdays in June you could–conditions permitting–tune into artist-run pirate radio. Necessarily broadcast from various locations on customised equipment, Radio Tuesday… “

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Alan Michael is an artist based in Glasgow.
Review reproduced from CIRCA 90, Winter 1999, p.52

Free-Thinking, Free-Loading, Free-Basing, Free-Falling
Or Ways to Heighten a Loss of Responsibility

“A project built around a series of unofficial FM broadcasts, e.g. Sometime Instant brought sound works, performance and the potential of freedom of thought not only to the local airwaves, but also to a variety of Glasgow venues. A follow—up to a previous project, Wide General Vicinity2 by Radio Tuesday, where for four Tuesdays in June 1999 artworks and ideas were broadcast from roadside and rooftops, e.g. Sometime Instant based Radio Tuesday at bars, clubs and Transmission Gallery… “

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Caroline Woodley
Review reproduced from CIRCA 92, Summer 2000, pp. 58-59.

Radio Tuesday

Born in 1998, Glasgow, Radiotuesday is an artist-run radio station set-up to facilitate the transmission of sound art, discussions, interviews, radio plays, documentaries, experimental music, poetry and prose readings – these transmissions were a forum for audio creativity. Between 1998 and 2002 over 200 artists participated in the sometimes legal/sometimes not broadcasts as well as workshops and exhibitions.


Wide-general-vicinity, Glasgow.
Four weekly pirate broadcasts in June 1999 from rooftops and hillsides in and around Glasgow. They were publicised by word of mouth. Sound clips were also broadcast through the All Horizons Club website.

Wide General Vicinity contributors: Michael Wilkinson, David Fulford, Mark Orange, James McLardy, Martin Kirwan, Chloe Brown, Kennel Club, Johannes Maier, Michael Fullerton, Cattivo, Nepalese Black, Mark Vernon, Hayley & Sue Tompkins, Scott Simpson, Anna McLauchlan, Robin Bagnall, Ian Balch, Ewan Imrie, Barry Burns, Chris Wallace, John Heaton, Duncan Hamilton, Tom O’Sullivan & Joanne Tatham, Lucy McKenzie, Tony Swain, Glitch, Alan Dimmick, Rooney, Anne-Marie Copestake, David Allen, Crystal Collins, Daniel Jewesbury, Snake Pie, Rob Kennedy & Jessica Worral, J.Ainley & R.Brown, Chris Evans, H.P.7, Fred Pederson & Torsten Lauschmann, Katherine Sowerby, Scott Myles, Robert Johnston.

Radiotuesday fundraiser, Buff Club, Glasgow.
Performances by Robert Johnston, Tony Swain, Chris Wallace and Martin Young, Hayley and Sue Tompkins, Rob Kennedy plus excerpts from the broadcasts.

Wide-General-Vicinity, C90 edition. C90 cassette of highlights from the Wide-General-Vicinity broadcast.

01) Ian Balch – Ambling Lion
02) Anna McLauchlan – Gallery Interviews
03) Rob Kennedy & Jessica Worral – Part 2
04) Anne-Marie Copestake – 13 Hearts
05) Tom O’Sullivan & Joanne Tatham – January, Moortop, Halfway, Walpurgis, Slacks Wood
06) Glitch – Instamatic
07) Scott Simpson – Cyber disco, Paul & Becky, Telly Addicts
08) Daniel Jewesbury – Exchange 1999
09) James Mc Lardy – Trumpet
10) David Fulford – Black & White Print Developer (electromagnetic recording)
11) Tony Swain – He Flips, Twists, Blinks, Lying Still, Flies Again, Then Stops.
12) Crystal Collins – Great-Grandfather project (excerpt 1)
13) Cattivo – Scum
14) Scott Myles – See you on the other side
15) Duncan Hamilton – Hotel Room
16) Hayley & Sue Tompkins – untitled
17) Lucy McKenzie – Socialismus
18) Crystal Collins – Great-Grandfather project (excerpt 14)
EXHIBITION Books, multiples and easy living, Birmingham. A group exhibition at the artist-run gallery B16, Birmingham.


A group exhibition curated by The Modern Institute.

Five licensed broadcasts and audio workshops, presented as part of the group exhibition ‘Can 303s Heal?’.

Kiasma contributors: James McLardy, Life Without Buildings, Ektor Virite, Aku Raski, Tony Swain, Thomas Seest, M.C. Sorenson, Hanna’s Barber, Ian Balch, Voukkoset, David Fulford, Mark Vernon, Scott Simpson, Alekseij Konstantinoff, Johny Hi’way, Steve Cuzner, Alexander Rishaug, ARM, DJ Kevlon, Mark Orange, Fred Fisher, David Bellingham, Harry Hunks, Neil Bickerton, Sally Chapman, Ewan Imrie, O Samuli A, Senor Cockroach, Hayley & Sue Tompkins, Eero Arte, Pelle Venetjoki, DJ’s Dee & Hulaq, Erkki Niiwimtaki, DJ Didier, Hamara No.5, Falkirk, Selfish Shellfish, Roddy Buchanan, Sally Chapman, John Nicol, Tri- Angels, Kullervon Kosto, Vilunki 3000, Maurice O’Connel, Juho Koskinen, Tomi Leskinen, OP:L Bastards, Alien Influence, Nu Science, Helsinki Bass Machine, Pink Twins.

BROADCAST/WORKSHOP/EXHIBITION e.g. Sometime Instant, Transmission Gallery.
A festival of sound featuring live performances, talks, a sound studio, webcasts and broadcasts as well as visual art which has a sound bias.

e.g. Sometime Instant contributors: Robin Bagnall, Sikkerhet, Clare Stephenson, Orla Ryan, Beagles & Ramsey, Barry Burns, AMMM, Fergus Kelly, Wendy Wilmut Brown, Calum Stirling, Zoe Irvine & Gerald Lopez Straub, Marc Baines, Carol McGuigan, Deaf & Dummy, Paul Mulvihill, David Fulford, Heather Minchin, People Like Us, Vex, Vengloss Advocaat, Diskono, Nick E. Melville, John Nicol, David Bellingham, Crystal Collins, Brian Lavelle & Richard Youngs, Chris White, Hayley Newman & Kaffe Mathews, Ian Balch, Duncan McQuarrie, James McLardy & David Youngs, Tony Swain, Fergus Kelly & Dave Lacy, Mutti Geld, The Poison Sisters, Rob Kennedy, Gilded Lil, Caroline Woodley & Liam Gillick, Life Without Buildings, Hanna’s Barber, Fog, Hassle Hound, Cylinder, Xmaus, Stiletto.


BROADCAST/WORKSHOP/RESIDENCY Bolt FM, Royston Road Residency, Glasgow.

In 2001 Radio Tuesday completed a three month residency with Molendinar Drugs Services and the Royston Road Project, Glasgow. This involved the development and eventual creation of a local radio station, Bolt FM, run and programmed by members of the Moving On Project, local residents and other volunteers. This residency culminated in a ten day licensed broadcast.

Bolt FM contributors: Brian Ford, Robert Brogan, Ian Brotherhood, Miss Thing, DJ Bubble & Squeek, NGC, DJ Mig & Jammo, The Moving On project, Audrey Kelly, Jason Johnson, Andrew Livingstone, Robert Love, DJ Mac Star, Charles McMillan, James McMillan, DJ Stevie P, David Norris, DJ Lister, DJ K & Cally (Fergusley Park Radio DJ’s), Graham McFarlane, Dave Davidson, Tony Gordon, DJ Vostok , Alfie Forbes Smith, John Anderson, Scott Myles, Paul Carter, Toby Patterson, Ewan Imrie, Barry Burns, Daniel Ibbotson, A Burd Called Gur, Bedlam DJ’s, Chit Chat storytelling group, Ritchie Ruftone, Roddie Buchanan, Jim Friel, George Skinner, Willie Cameron.

PERFORMANCE PRESENTATION ‘At the City’s Edge ‘ 2-day conference organised by the Centre.
St. Andrews in the Square, Glasgow.


RECORDING e.g. Sometime Instant, CD edition.

CD release of highlights from the e.g. Sometime Instant broadcasts with launch at Transmission Gallery, Glasgow.

01) Ammm – Where is / heard of the artist?
02) Calum Stirling – 0800 595595
03) Life Without Buildings – Is Is (live at Transmission)
04) Marc Baines – Inners Outing In
05) Brian Lavelle & Richard Youngs – Wofer
06) Hanna’s Barber – Blunted Locomotion (live at the Buff Club)
07) James McLardy & David Youngs – Fireworks
08) Heather Minchin – Inside the Cinema
09) Zoe Irvine & Gerald Lopez Straub – Say Again
10) Mutti Geld – The exhilaration of curing leukaemia with leeches
11) John Nicol – Classic super deluxe bunny drinking bottle 100ml version (excerpt)
12) John Beagles & Graham Ramsey – Geeza gotta flamethrower (Thamesmead 2000 mix)
13) Deaf & Dummy present… Link /platform 3A/interlude
14) Janek Schaefer – Wow (‘physical remix’ by Fog)
15) Barry Burns – Jon Pertwee invokes Beelzebub or some other base idol
16) Hassle Hound – Sorbet Pool
17) Hayley Newman – Howdi
18) John Beagles & Graham Ramsey – Scumland
19) Cylinder – Labrador
20) Carol McGuigan – Bottle
21) Deaf & Dummy present… An audience with Myra Hindley